Android App Video

Android App Video

CheapOair Android App
on Playstore


Concept / art direction / animation


Murat / Katy / Saloni / Shaym

On Play Store, there is a hero banner on every app's detail page. Having a video in the banner space can not only benefit us on the amount of downloads but also help users understand how to use the app. CheapOair released a new design of Android app with optimized user flow and follow current design trend, which is the Google material design. The video is going to focus on the app walk-through and promote the material design aesthetics.

I proposed that we release a series of short walk-through videos that focus on different features, according to the company strategy. Thus we can use the video for multiple channels, including the Play Store and and most social network platforms. Also, this saves a lot of production time and we can be more flexible with the content and directions. For customers, they won't be bored with exisiting app because of the constant new videos, and they can also learn about new features this way.


Preveious Iterations

To land on the final design, I've gone through several iterations. Here I presented by styleboards. We went from real life photagraphy to pure vetor graphics, to a mix of both, and finally to the vector illustraions. The idea is to not only help users walk thorugh the app, but also create an enjoyable visual style and bring customers pleasant expereince seamlessly.