Confirmation Redesign

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Confirmation Page Redesign

CheapOair Mobile Web


UX UI Design


Murat / Katy / Saloni


User's post-purchase experience on mobile was cluttered with much information, and the CTAs were very unclear and hidden. Thus users had trouble navigating the site and filtering out the essential information they need in distinct cases. That caused constant negative feedback and impression, as a result low retention from existing customers.


The redesign aimes to solve that problem by reconstructing the information, clearing unnecessary visual dirstractions and keeping the consistency as other pages on the site. After the redesign, according to conducted user tests, we confrimed that the new design performed better than the previous one and is now released on the live site. Mobile web has been performing well and growing in terms of conversion through out the year. This confrimation page redesign is part of the structional changes.


  1. Higher cusumer satisfaction rate : better user feedback

  2. Higher retention: higher conversion from exisiting members and re-purchase

  3. Less customer service work: less confusion caused by this particular page

Previous Design

The information was lined up by non-particular order. At the same time there's no hierarchy or prioritization invloved. It is extremely hard for users to have a clear idea oh where they can access the needed information.


Info Architecture Change

There was a need to reorder and prioritize the information and involved more interactions to be able to have all information set in one page. Therefore I categoried the information based on business need and style /experience consistency. The efficient and least effortful way was to use the current tab design and divide confirmation into three interactive sections. 


New Design

The new design has clear visual focus, CTAs, and distinction between customer info and upsale. Even when users need to access the site in an urgency, they should be able to obtain the information they want to find.