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Explore tool

CheapOair Desktop Homepage



UX & UI Design


Murat / Han / Vishesh / Bipin


We noticed that users only spend seconds on every page before they move on to the next one, attention of the users become the most valuable currency. There is a need for CheapOair to develop a new feature/ tool to enhance engagement and prompts the user to spend more time on our site. In addition, it can be expected that we are able to solid our brand image with such new feature. Finally, there is potential demographics that we can include for CheapOair and that is what we are looking forward to achieve with Explore tool. 


A web tool that helps users to escape, plan for vacation, create a bucketlist, track destinations and finally begin the booking process on payment page. 



Projected Impact

  1. Increae user engagement for CheapOair.com: by providing valid suggestions and encouraging attention and longer time spent on­site
  2. Prompt up user sign­ups and userprofile: by wishlist ­mechanism
  3. Encourage more flight bookings made 

Flow & Wireframes

The userflow can be mainly divided into two groups- general usage and memeber wishlist. The wireframes below are the outcome of these two.


Design & Prototypes

These are mainly the hi-fidelity designs for the final prototyping test. They're close to the final build.

Generic view : The overview of the explore tool. For users to navigate freely.


City view : Detail info of the city including price prediction and deals.


Date select/ price comparision view : When selecting dates, users get to compare prices by looking at the calendar. 


Responsive Design 


Member Experience : Members are able to add cities into wishlist and check updates on their profile page.