Flight Status

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Flight Status

CheapOair Desktop Homepage


UX UI Design


Murat / Amruta / Vishesh


A lot of our users leave the site to check flight status. There is a opportunity that we enhance user engagement by bridging that gap. If we are able to provide similar service or even better ones, it's possible that users extend their time and frequency on visiting our site.  We also want to encourage users to sign up for memberships. Having this tool exclusively accessible for members can test the idea whether users are more prone to sign up with better and more features provided. 


Provide basic flight status and related information on the main site (landing page) and make it exclusive to the costomers who sign up for the member program. Also make sure users can sign up s easy as possible with the tool so it opens up the registration.

Projected Impact

  1. More engagement on the main site
  2. More signups to the member program
  3. Better impression on the brand by keep releasing new features that can potentially benefit users' experience

Flow & Wireframes

More to come


Sign-in Page: This is to keep this service only accessible for memebrs. Also it is to encourage users to sign up.


Seach by flight: Enter your airline name & flight number & date to locate the flight status. The card has main info users need and share buttons to send this  somewhere else.


Search by airport: This is a list of flights based on the airport info users provide. The design is to look like the status board at airports. If clicking on the individual flight, users are able to look at the card for more detailed info. You can also look up for airport maps.


Search by route: Here users can search by the route they're flying. It's good for users who want to look up for flight status but don't have enough info in hand.


Search weather: We provide airport weather forecast and delay status.